Ticketing Industry Leadership Team (TILT)FutureTix has formed a select group of blue-chip ticketing professionals to participate in its Ticketing Industry Leadership Team (TILT). The group will discuss and review the latest in revenue generating ticketing functionality with a particular focus on trends and the future direction of ticketing and admissions in the entertainment industry.


This select group’s makeup was designed to represent a cross section of venues covering a variety of ticketing genres and system platforms. Members will represent pro-sport, university, performing arts, arena ticketing and more. See member list below.


The focus of this group will be to identify and discuss the merits of various ticketing trends and their impact on the future of the entertainment industry. The varying perspectives will help us stay in tune with the ticketing pulse. FutureTix will provide current topics and moderators (in some cases third party presentations as food for thought).


TILT will meet periodically via GoTo Meeting conference call and once annually in person. The annual in person get-together will consist of an overnight ticketing symposium sponsored by FutureTix. The ticketing symposium is typically held on Monday/Tuesday with afternoon meetings on Monday and morning meetings on Tuesday allowing for a quick over night turn-around. Sandwiched between those meetings will be a fun-filled, five-star dinner and cocktail gathering compliments of FutureTix.


The Seventh Annual FutureTix Ticketing Symposium will be held at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino with an optional golf outing on Sunday, November 13, followed by all educational sessions on Monday, November 14 and Tuesday, November 15, 2016.


The TILT Symposium and other sessions will be filled with current and futuristic ticketing topics that shape our industry. Members share their thoughts and ask questions.


With an ever-evolving technology branching rapidly in a variety of directions and a confused economy, there is a need now more than ever to identify and perhaps even steer the direction in which ticketing is heading.

TILT Member List

  • Bob Beatty – The MSG Company
  • Wendy Brown – Michigan State University
  • Brendan Bruss – PMI Ent. / Green Bay Gamblers
  • Joe Carter – Los Angeles Philharmonic
  • Danny Frank – Citigroup
  • Tom Gillis – Ottawa Senators / Capital Tickets
  • Curtis Howells – Consolidated Printing
  • Daniel Kim – Medieval Times
  • Veronica Lawlor – Los Angeles Lakers
  • Josh Logan – National Collegiate Athletic Association
  • Tracy Noll – Penn State University
  • Brian Sayre-Butler – Playhouse Square
  • Russ Stanley – San Francisco Giants
  • Joan Sullivan – Madison Square Garden
  • Karen Sullivan – FutureTix

Leadership can be thought of as a capacity to define oneself to others in a way that clarifies and expands a vision of the future.” – Edwin H. Friedman