Ticket Insurance


FutureTix provides venues and organizations in the Live Entertainment and Admissions Industry with the ability to allow their patrons to purchase Ticket Insurance both during and after the ticket purchase process.

Ticket Insurance, backed by Booking Protect, is a winning scenario for all parties involved by increasing revenue, boosting patron satisfaction and reducing buyer risk, all while boosting efficiency.

Benefits of Using Ticket Insurance


    • The entire booking is covered, including fees
    • Increased confidence to make otherwise non-refundable purchases
    • Flexibility to apply for refund up to 45 days after start of the event
    • Wide scope of coverage with an easy refund request process


    • Less strain on box office and customer service staff
    • Fewer time consuming customer complaints and refund requests
    • Resources can be spent on new initiatives
    • Booking Protect handles the entire claims process


    • New recurring source of revenue & potential boost in overall sales
    • Increased client satisfaction
    • Knowing your clients are taken care of by an award-winning team
    • Additional service to offer existing clients and prospects

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Ticket Insurance? +

Ticket Insurance allows patrons to easily obtain a refund for their entire purchase if they are unable to attend an event for any covered reason such as illness, flight delays, accidents and more.  Through an easy process, a patron can request a refund, submit any required materials (if needed) and receive 100% of their money back, including ticket fees and service charges.

What Does Ticket Insurance Cover? +

Ticket Insurance allows patrons to easily obtain a refund for their entire purchase if they are unable to attend an event for any covered reason such as:

  • Death, accident, illness or injury to the customer, immediate family or member of the group
  • Pre-existing medical conditions and pregnancy
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Private vehicle or public transportation failure (breakdown, fire, theft, accident, etc.)
  • And much more!

Up to 45 days after the start of the event, patrons can complete a simple process to request a refund and receive 100% of their money back, including fees.

How Easy is it to Implement Ticket Insurance? +

Ticket Insurance is relatively easy to offer to your patrons.  Through a simple integration, Booking Protect is able to provide a seamless solution that will allow you to offer patrons the opportunity to purchase Ticket Insurance during the regular purchase flow.  Many times, it's as easy as dropping in a few lines of code.

Additionally, as an alternative method, organizations can utilize a manual process to successfully offer Ticket Insurance as well.  Regardless of which route you choose, the Booking Protect team, will be there for you, assisting you every step of the way.

What Does Ticket Insurance Cost? +

Once implemented, there is no upfront out-of-pocket cost for your organization to offer Ticket Insurance services to your patrons.

Patrons will have the option to add Ticket Insurance onto their order for a per ticket fee.  A portion of the fees collected will go towards payment for the Ticket Insurance services, while the rest will become a new, ongoing revenue stream for the venue and ticketing platform.

Who or What is Booking Protect? +

Booking Protect is an innovative affinity protection company that provides a Refund Guarantee product (e.g. ticket insurance) that venues / presenters offer to their patrons for a fee.  This enables the patron to receive a refund in specified unforeseen circumstances. The protection they offer covers the total price of the tickets and all service fees and charges, meaning the patron always gets a FULL refund.

The refund application process is administered by Booking Protect.  They will receive, acknowledge, handle and pay refund applications directly to the patron.

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