The Big Bang Theory of Ticketing

Dan blog




There are those that believe the universe started with a Big Bang and that the vast numbers of galaxies and solar systems form and expand outward until they get to a certain point of unsustainability and then will begin to contract and collapse onto themselves with such intense heat and friction that there is another big bang, and that this process is destined to repeat itself over and over.

And so it is in the ticketing space, the first big bang was Ticketmaster and Ticketron exploding onto the computerized ticketing scene in the 70’s. Since then the expansion and contraction cycles have repeated themselves several times with a myriad of niche ticketing platforms being born and then gobbled up into black holes and dark matter.

The ticketing space has been expanding as we now ticket more types of events than ever before with a greater level of technological advancements and consumer expectations.

Once again, we enter the phase of combining with the New Era ticketing /Paciolan (Spectra) and AXS / Veritix mergers as well as Ticketmaster acquiring Front Gate. This in my opinion is only the beginning, there will be more mergers, partnerships and consolidation, as the space doesn’t support the amount of players and redundancy abounds. .

Just like the universe, this ecosystem has a way of cleansing itself. As technology advances each platform cannot be all things to all people and the need arises for a consolidation of resources. The result in my opinion is a stronger more vibrant ticketing space at the end of the day. And it will flourish that way until once again over time it collapses on itself down to a point where the chosen few are unmotivated or overwhelmed. At that point the explosive big bang will occur again and new ticketing stars will be born.

Stay tuned for much more consolidation!