FutureTix Ticket Insurance Powered by Booking Protect

Selden, NY – January 18, 2018FutureTix has entered into a strategic relationship with Booking Protect to provide venues and organizations in the Live Entertainment and Admissions Industry with the opportunity to allow their patrons to purchase Ticket Insurance both during and after the ticket purchase process.

“We are delighted to be offering our clients a customer service friendly and revenue generating solution in the ticket insurance space,” said Dan DeMato, President of FutureTix. “Booking Protect and FutureTix values align extraordinarily well. This is a solution driven industry and we are confident Booking Protect’s results driven approach is a perfect fit for us.”

Established in 2014 Booking Protect is a market leading ticket refund protection provider part of the multi-award-winning Romero Group of companies. The organization provides reassurance to millions of customers worldwide for unexpected circumstances including illness, accident, relocation by employer, breakdown etc. Booking Protect works with over 350 retailers worldwide including Tough Mudder, Active, Virgin Sport, Nightout, SHN and Ticketking to name a few.

“The prospect or working closely with FutureTix to help us develop the US market further was an opportunity we couldn’t refuse,” stated Simon Mabb, CEO of Booking Protect. “It was clear very early on that FutureTix hold values very similar to Booking Protect in wanting to provide their clients with high quality products and long term mutually beneficial partnerships.”

Ticket Insurance is relatively easy to offer to patrons. Through a simple integration, Booking Protect can provide a seamless solution. Additionally, as an alternative method, organizations can utilize a manual process to successfully offer Ticket Insurance as well. Regardless of the method chosen, Booking Protect will be there for you, assisting you every step of the way.

“At my job, I am constantly looking for and developing best practices and technologies that benefit all parties involved in the ticketing process and create a win-win-win scenario. Ticket Insurance fits that criteria and then some,” said Kelly Brennan, Senior Analyst at FutureTix. “Whether you’re a ticketing platform, presenter, venue or even a third-party provider, Ticket Insurance could help you achieve your organization’s end goals and is something you should explore.”

Ticket Insurance, powered by Booking Protect, is a winning scenario for all parties involved by driving revenue, increasing patron satisfaction and reducing buyer risk, all while boosting efficiency. For more information about Ticket Insurance, please visit FutureTix.com/ticket-insurance or download the following handout from Booking Protect: Booking Protect Product Information Pack. If you’d like to setup a demo or speak to a FutureTix Consultant use the contact information below to reach out to us today.

About FutureTix – FutureTix is a full-service ticketing solution consulting company that specializes in driving incremental revenue through innovative ticketing techniques and technology. FutureTix is a privately held New York company.

About Booking Protect – Booking Protect Limited is a comprehensive refund protection provider covering any booking from any sector. Our product can cover ALL elements of the booking including tickets, travel, accommodation and ALL service and booking fees.

For more information please contact:

Kelly Brennan
PO Box 1634, Selden, NY 11784
brennan@futuretix.com – 516-608-0626 – www.futuretix.com