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At FutureTix, our goal is simple: to help you get the most out of ticketing technologies and maximize the potential of your key business lifeline. Through our unique combination of thoughtful consultation and proprietary technology resources, we provide a business-minded framework to help you take a more strategic and innovative approach to ticketing.

Ticketing Opportunities Assessment  learn more

Our innovative new service, Ticketing Opportunities Assessment, is a customizable evaluation of all things ticketing. Through a hands on approach, our consultants use their vast ticketing knowledge in conjunction with an in depth client discovery process to assess each area of your operation. Each client receives a comprehensive report detailing ways to enhance the customer experience and maximize revenue.

Venue Security Consulting

Unfortunately, in light of current events, its imperative that all venues and organizations have in-depth policies and procedures in place with checks and balances when it comes to venue security. It’s important to realize that when it comes down to it, security issues are the responsibility of the entire organization and when there is a breech, it impacts every department. It is because of this, that FutureTix offers customized onsite educational seminars that help you stay abreast of industry standards and best practices, and prepare for the worst case scenario.

Social Media and Online Footprint
learn more

Social media and the web today are fast-moving, ever-changing spaces in which the saying “we don’t know what we don’t know” really applies. Managing what you do know can be very challenging. Managing things you may not be aware of is impossible. FutureTix has the expertise to qualify, quantify, enhance and advance all things related to your social media and online footprint.

Proactive Outbound Ticket Sales learn more

Our proactive outbound ticket sales program, Two then U is a unique sales approach consisting of a comprehensive two-year hands-on consultative process geared specifically towards enabling the venue. We will customize a sales program that fits your needs providing a clear concise path to in-house proactive ticket sales that requires no outsourced sales commissions after just two years.

System and Product Implementationlearn more

More than ever before, customer needs are driving venues to innovate and implement new technologies to enhance the experience. We have seen the development and creation of new functionality and products with incredible potential.  Dynamic pricing, stored-value ticketing, seat map visualization, mobile technology and social media are just a few areas exploding with innovative solutions.

Ticket Pricing Optimization

Determining the right price points for your primary sale market is essential. FutureTix can help assess the market to identify maximum price points, provide comparative analysis on all formats (including static, variable, dynamic and auction), and evaluate secondary market pricing.

ADA Ticketing and Seating Compliance

Staying on top of the latest compliance issues can be a challenge. We consult our clients on the latest compliance issues for ADA, partnering with outside advocacy groups, and help in maintaining new facility compliance. We also advise on ways to maximize revenue through readily convertible seating configurations, allowing unsold ADA seats to be sold to the general public as regulations permit.

Project Management

Our deep industry knowledge and experience makes us ideal partners to provide expert project oversight. We help clients manage implementation of new ticketing systems, assist venues on a host of ticket-related issues and help in planning for post-season, tournaments and other special events like concerts.

New Venue Consulting

Moving to a new venue is both exciting and challenging. We’ve helped venues manage the hurdles and take advantages of the opportunities relocation provides. We can assist you throughout the process, providing insight into personal seat licensing strategies, season/subscription seat relocation planning, price planning, box office and satellite ticketing requirements, ADA and seating compliance issues, and more.

Product Development Consulting

Ticketing systems can always be improved. We work with venues and vendors to brainstorm development opportunities and provide implementation assessments. We provide working specs and review operational issues for any ticketing product enhancements and offer testing and troubleshooting throughout the product development process.


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