Two Then UFutureTix “Two then U” is a unique proactive ticket sales approach consisting of a comprehensive two-year hands-on consultative process geared specifically towards enabling the venue. We will customize a sales program that fits your organization’s needs providing a clear concise path to in-house proactive ticket sales that requires no outsourced sales commissions after just two years.

Let FutureTix enable your program to maximize both short and long-term ticket sales revenue — and let you retain the reward. This unique initiative provides your venue with all of the resources and wherewithal to successfully bring proactive ticket sales and patron retention in-house. FutureTix will establish an across-the-board ticket sales program and then turn the keys over to you in just two years. Allowing you to retain all of the upside going forward.

Don’t outsource your upside!

Discover magnify

  • Conduct a baseline review of your current business practices
  • Evaluate the market size, demographics, competition and opportunity
  • Quantify financial expectations

Evaluate scale

  • We identify a detailed scope of work required
  • Access a complete suite of services ranging from sales training, strategic hiring, lead generation, commission structuring, seat visualization, ticket renewal resources and experienced ticket consulting
  • Set goals for sales organization and provide appropriate tracking resources to monitor the success of your campaigns

Implement gear

  • Train sales manager, telemarketers and corporate sales personnel
  • Launch strategic sales campaigns targeting renewal and new sales
  • Utilize predetermined compensation packages

Results check

  • Using sales tracking tools evaluate the success of overall campaigns and individual sales personnel
  • Adjust campaigns based on customer demand, sales figures and closing ratios


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