Our innovative new service, Ticketing Opportunities Assessment, is a customizable evaluation of all things ticketing. Through a hands on approach, our consultants use their vast ticketing knowledge in conjunction with an in depth client discovery process to assess each area of your operation. Each client receives a comprehensive report detailing ways to enhance the customer experience and maximize revenue.

The process is designed to identify new revenue generating opportunities while reinforcing your current successful practices in the areas of marketing, ticket sales, fundraising, analytics, reporting, technology, operational functionality and logistics.


  • Use client discovery tool to gain knowledge about your venue.
  • Conduct on site, in-person meetings with each department.
  • Observe each operation in action.


  • Evaluate project needs and identify a wish list.
  • Tailor a scope of work and timeline.
  • Complete list of pertinent issues for each department.
  • Choose from a vast list of relevant industry pre-defined topics or create your own.


  • Address, analyze and score questions about your organization.
  • Highlight current successful practices and/or potential opportunities.
  • Recap findings with department heads to comment/contribute to the executive summary.


  • Provide direction and resources to implement desired actionable recommendations.
  • Receive a comprehensive report and summary quantifying / qualifying opportunities.
  • Identify short term “low hanging fruit” and long term revenue generating opportunities.


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