More than ever before, customer needs are driving venues to innovate and implement new technologies to enhance the experience. We have seen the development and creation of new functionality and products with incredible potential. Dynamic pricing, stored-value ticketing, seat map visualization, mobile technology and social media are just a few areas exploding with innovative solutions.

New technology, both inherent in ticketing systems and stand-alone products, can be a great resource for venues to generate new revenue and enhance the customer experience. However, without the proper approach and resources devoted to them, these technologies can actually be a detriment to your success. Luckily, FutureTix specializes in making sure your implementations, whether switching to an entirely new system or implementing a specific product, go as seamless as possible.

Prepare Prepare

  • Complete client discovery to gain knowledge about your venue.
  • Arrange on site, in-person meetings with department heads.
  • We work with you to understand your situation and assess your needs.

Roadmap Roadmap

  • Create system/product implementation wish list.
  • Set priorities and establish a development/implementation roadmap.
  • Tailor a scope of work and timeline.

Partner Partner


  • Help you manage your vendor relationship to ensure quality development and implementation.
  • Assist you to better understand the process and identify roadblocks along the way.
  • Ensure you get your desired results.

Results Results

  • Seamless system/product integration at your schedule and pace.
  • Best practice consulting to ensure continued success from day one.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and revenue generation!


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