With a specific eye towards growth and business development, FutureTix would perform a needs assessment and provide a comprehensive report that includes an overview of your current functionality and third party relationships, in comparison to current industry expectations as well as with an eye towards future emerging trends.

Knowing more about client expectations as well as the demands of their patrons, can help you shape a road map that will put you on the road to success!


  • Use client discovery tool to gain knowledge about your organization.
  • Conduct on site, in-person meetings with each department.
  • Gain a complete understanding of your current functionality and partnerships.


  • Evaluate project needs and identify a wish list.
  • Tailor a scope of work and timeline.
  • Complete list of pertinent issues for each department.


  • Address, analyze and score your systems current products and services.
  • Identify ‘gaps’ with regards to other ticketing genres and verticals.
  • Determine potential opportunities by matching strengths to potential prospects.


  • Provide direction and resources to implement desired actionable recommendations.
  • Receive a comprehensive report with an overview of the market place, ‘gaps’ and opportunities
  • Identify short term “low hanging fruit” and long term revenue generating opportunities.


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