FutureTix Seminar consulting services keep organizations up-to-date and engaged on key topics by bringing the information right to their doorstep, in a fun, easy-to-digest format.

Seminar Packages

All seminar packages are tailored to meet your needs. Packages are created for your organization based on the criteria below:

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FutureTix Consultants are versed on a variety of ticketing related topics.  Because of this, we are able to offer Seminar consulting services on a variety of topics, including, but not limited to:

  • Venue Security - Download white paper
  • ADA Compliance in Ticketing
  • Customer Service
  • Current Industry Trends & Hot Topics
  • Brief Overview of the Ticketing Industry

Furthermore, FutureTix is happy to research and customize a presentation based on your specific needs.  If you do not see a topic of interest listed above, please contact us to request a customized seminar.


  • Option A: Intimate Meeting (Up to 5 people)
  • Option B: Corporate Gathering (Up to 19 people)
  • Option C: Lecture Hall (Up to 49 people)

Who should attend?
At FutureTix, we feel staff can better execute their responsibilities and fulfill their roles when they have an understanding of the expectations and needs of those around them.  Due to this, we typically believe in the philosophy the more the merrier, however, the attendee list is complete up to you.  Depending on the topic, seminars are typically appropriate for all professionals in the live entertainment & admissions industry including high level executives and those from marketing, finance, ticket sales and operations, security, analytics, IT, customer service, box office and more.


FutureTix offers seminars that vary in length, as well as refresher courses for repeat clients. Details for each are outlined below:

Approx. 5.5 hours
Spread over one (1) day

A thorough overview of
the topic, interactive sessions, and
Q&A / open forum

Approx. 11 hours
Spread over two (2) days

In-depth overview, interactive sessions, open forum, and tailored customizable sessions.

Approx. 3 hours
Spread over one (1) day

Topic overview / refresher, industry specific updates, best practices and trends, Q&A open forum

Please note, the length of each seminar may vary slightly from presentation to the next presentation.

Our most popular options are outlined above. With that being said, we’re happy to customize any seminar package based on your needs. See custom packages below for more details.


FutureTix Seminars take place onsite at your location.  You provide the space, and a FutureTix Consultant travels to you.  Consequently, this cuts down the costs on staff travel and lodging that are typically associated with attending conferences and seminars.  If you do not have a conference room or space that can be used for the presentation, FutureTix is happy to discuss and help make other arrangements.


The date and time of the seminar can be customized depending on your venues needs. Typically the presentation takes place within two (2) to four (4) months of when the seminar package is purchased but FutureTix is happy to accommodate your schedule as needed. Once the package is purchased, a FutureTix consultant will contact you to schedule the seminar.


The cost of FutureTix Seminar consulting services varies depending on the topic chosen, length of the seminar as well as the size of the group attending the seminar. With that being said, the fees associated with each seminar are listed below:

Fee Structure

  • Flat Rate Charge
  • Additional Per Person (Attendee) Fee
  • Plus Reasonable Travel & Expenses*

*Please note, all travel and other expenses will be discussed and pre-approved by your organization prior to engagement.

Custom Packages

We’re happy to customize any seminar package based on your needs. Please click the following link to Request a Custom Package Proposal now, or email info@futuretix.com or call: 1 (516) 608-0626.


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