Five Ticketing Technologies Worth Checking Out

As everyone knows technology has rapidly improved over the last few years and has created new opportunities for businesses. It has changed the way we manage our purchases with the biggest changes due to the accessibility of mobile devices. Smartphones have become a way of life for many individuals who rely on them for numerous tasks, including mobile ticketing, which is a simple alternative to purchasing and carrying actual tickets for an event.

As the industry continues to evolve, it can be hard to stay up to date with the latest and greatest best practices.  The following are a few ticketing technologies that are definitely worth checking out:

  • ReplyBuy
  • Pogoseat
  • Text ME Tix
  • Upriise

Scroll down to find out more about each.


One of the fastest ways to get last minute tickets by using text messaging is utilizing ReplyBuy.  Patrons go to the ReplyBuy website and click on the sports team that they want to receive ticket promotions from and then simply connect a credit or debit card to create a ReplyBuy account. When tickets are available, they receive text messages regarding last minute ticket deals for games.  They can accept the tickets by replying with the text “Buy” and then receive a link for the ticket/barcode.



The quickest way to upgrade a seat for an event is to use Pogoseat, an app that allows patrons to see the availability of open seats and then upgrade to a better seat. The interesting thing about this app is that, in sports, it is not only used prior to the game, but it can be used even while the game is in progress.  Sometimes Pogoseat will have game-time deals that could save money for fans that use the app and want to take advantage of last minute price reductions.


Text Me Tix

Another way to get last minute and highly discounted tickets over text messaging is Text Me Tix.  Unlike ReplyBuy, Text Me Tix is not just focused on sports teams but also concerts and live entertainment.  Once a patron goes on their website and signs up, they will be able to choose what team, type of event, and/or musicians they are interested in seeing. Text Me Tix mainly focuses on prominent last minute discounts and on offering extensive options.



Upriise is a young, but innovative company that is changing the way consumers purchases their tickets. They offer an annual subscription for only $20 dollars.  By becoming a member, patrons are guaranteed to get tickets at face-value.  They have a loyalty program and periodically give out free tickets to their loyal consumers!  It’s a new way to avoid over charges for tickets.



If you’re a patron that wants to subscribe to a service, such as Upriise but also wants to expand into sports as well, Fillaseat is a good way to go.  The basic subscription package costs an annual fee of $90 for two pair of tickets.  With this ticket package, patrons get two tickets of their choice for either a sporting event, theatre, or a concert.  There is also a four-ticket package for $160.  It is a more limited approach, but if you like to attend an event once in a while and want to mix things up, this might be your best choice.


In summary, it’s important to remember that technology can not only help venues to sell seats and boost revenue but also increase customer satisfaction.  The technologies list above can give consumers a different approach when purchasing their tickets.  This is just the beginning of a new period of technology use that is helping consumers by providing buying options and savings.