Dan DeMato Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

INTIX selects the 2015 Patricia Spira Lifetime Achievement Award Winner!

Selden, NY –January 22, 2015 – Dan DeMato, Principal and Founder of FutureTix has recently received the Patricia G. Spira Lifetime Achievement Award, an award given by the International Ticketing Association (INTIX) to one person, each year since 1987. The INTIX Awards Program was created to honor and showcase those who have demonstrated professionalism, leadership, service and special achievements through creative, informative and innovative management.

“Certainly it was well deserved… Dan took me under his wing 25 years ago and helped me work through many ticketing questions. He is a mentor and a true friend,” says Russ Stanley, Managing VP Ticket Sales and Services for the San Francisco Giants. “The best part about Dan is that he is just getting started. FutureTix has great potential under his leadership.”

In 2008, Dan started FutureTix, the premier consulting company in the United States that specializes in consulting on ticketing practices and technologies for arenas, sports teams, universities, cultural institutions, and other entertainment attractions.  Prior to starting FutureTix, while overseeing the ticket operations for the New York Mets, Dan’s office ticketed World Series and National League Championship baseball, Rolling Stones, Elton John, Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel concerts, as well as International Soccer and other events.

“Through his years of experience, Dan possesses a wealth of knowledge and information that is unmatched,” says Karen Sullivan, a consultant at FutureTix and past recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award.  “Many of his fellow ticketing professionals have reached out to Dan and he is always willing to share his thoughts and experiences. Working with Dan at FutureTix has expanded my knowledge of ticketing in so many ways and I am proud to work with him at FutureTix.”

”It is an honor to be recognized by one’s peers. I was fortunate that over the years I was able to learn and grow having been surrounded with so many wonderful ticketing professionals…” says Dan DeMato, “I will be forever grateful to my mentor Bill Ianniciello for giving me the opportunity and leading by example; and to all the folks at the New York Mets ticket office. I’m fortunate to be in an industry with organizations like INTIX that help its membership and technology to continually evolve and contribute to the live entertainment space.”

With over 30 years of ticketing sales and operations experience, Dan strives to remain true to his self-pledged obligation of being on the forefront of ticketing by offering innovative consulting services that lead to smarter ticketing both for his clients and their patrons.

Past Lifetime Achievement Award winners include top ticketing professionals such as Gary Lustig, Angus Watson, Francine Accardi-Peri, Karen Sullivan, Roger Tomlinson, Jennifer Staats Moore, Debra Kay Duncan, Jack Lucas, and Maureen Andersen.  A full list of all the award winners can be viewed on the INTIX website.

About FutureTix, Inc. – FutureTix is a full-service ticketing solution consulting company that specializes in driving incremental revenue through innovative ticketing techniques and technology. FutureTix is a privately held New York company.

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